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  • Facilies & Space: Links to many articles about small schools and their physical space []
  • Building Blocks []
    By Susan Black, American School Board Journal, October, 2001
    Most architects say that getting noise-reduction coefficients and parabolic lighting units just right is a routine part of their job. What's the hardest part? Designing a school to the right scale. When pressed for more information, architects plead their case for small schools -- or, in the case of large schools, subdivisions that create a sense of smallness.
  • By Design [PDF;]
    By Mike Kennedy, American School & University, January 1, 2002
    Smaller learning communities are one way that schools can provide a more student-centered environment. Designers try to create different kinds of spaces that can enhance different teaching and learning styles. Those include spaces for independent learning, group interaction, interdisciplinary team-teaching and hands-on instruction.
  • The Future of School Facilities: Getting Ahead of the Curve [PDF;]
    By Mike DeArmond, Sara Taggert, and Paul Hill, May 2002
    Center onReinventing Public Education at the University of Washington
    The authors point out that though many educators see reasons to change the ways in which teachers teach and students learn, few think about the way in which the school facility should reflect these changes and can support more personalized education. DeArmond et al identify five trends that affect schools: "1) pressure on schools to perform for all students, not just those who learn best in traditional settings, 2) Demands for the personalization of learning, so that every child has a chance to learn and families have choices. 3) New technologies that will change how teachers teach and students learn, 4) periodic shortages of teachers (and school leaders) linked to swings in the economy, and 5) Shifts in student population and residency patterns that will affect not only the demand for schools, but also the demands on schools."

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