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The eam down into small groups, each person had five minutes to write down their most favorite "inside" and "outside" spaces, and then each group discussed them independently, and then each group reported back to the entire team briefly on common themes they discovered.

The notes below are unedited transcriptions of the insides and outsides.
Inside> Outside
Starbucks (music, couches), Back of Miranda’s (the couches), comfortable, high ceilings, windows, temperature, nice-smelling, eye-catching, not crowded and quiet EMP (creative), Red Mill (the windmill), Empire State Building (magnificence, historic), Green Lake (where Zekes and Mix are…the inviting courtyard that opens up to people), Disneyland (imaginative, fun), Garfield HS
A. Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, NY, Undergraduate Reading Room in Suzzalo Library at the UW, The Temple of the Three Windows at Machu Picchu, Peru Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Seattle Art Museum in Washington
Actually, I learn better outside (as at a meadow looking out at water on Orcas Island), so requirements feel like outside, lots of big high windows, lots of light, clear fresh air, no 60 cycle hum (as from bad florescent lights or computer fans) Curved, big windows and lots of plants
Dining room table (can see what neighborhood is doing from the window, close to the kitchen, tea etc., neighbors have told me it’s comforting to see me there, can easily hear music and NPR from our best speakers Physics building at UW, I like the copper on top of the building, the sun dial draws you in to see what is happening inside, has an outdoor eating space and a view of the water
High ceilings, grand space, causes me to think beyond self to the larger world A landmark, a beacon, a marker seen from far off
Academic Computing Center at the UW (1976-1979, terminals, card punches, card readers, printers), Fredrickson computer programming class (room 108?, 1976-77, had Monroe 1880, card punch), Vogelback Computing Center (1978-1985, terminals, online system, SYS-NOCC), retail computer store UC Santa Barbara (barrel roofed building, very handsome – what is it for?), Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain (all those curves!), Paris building with all that external plumbing (Pompidou (sp?) Center), Benaroya Hall (SW exterior is just gorgeous, that curve of glass and metal)
Windows, views of skies, trees, i.e. natural settings, some quiet intimate space but not isolated – either company of others is accessible or some human sounds Elegant details, generally stone or brick outside, not too boxy – I tend to be drawn in by old architecture – but modern that has some of the detailing with eye-catching detail – window shapes that are elegant. Roman facade – wooden doors with nice detailing and windows that are just flat oblongs
Louvre Museum (The art work was so intriguing. I could stay forever and continuously learn from it. Guggenheim Museum (Such unique design. I had to see inside to see how rooms were designed.)
Light/windows, artistic, soothing colors, wood is an appealing material, enough space to move around and do activities/arrange furniture Accessible and lots of entrances, decorative with preference for classic and traditional, not obnoxious colors, art, plants and trees around outside
Room with high ceiling, windows on two sides with low sills. Lots of light. Double doors into the room. There was a desk in one corner with bookshelves down its sides. The desk faced out into the room. So when you paused in your work you could look across the fairly empty room and out at the trees. The room was large enough to hold music well. A formal entry flanked by rows of window – large tall windows through which one could see a space lined with books.
Inside where learning occurs, library in Altadena, CA, multi-levels – a sitting area inviting to sit down on steps to look over books – read – arranged for people flow, much light, plants A church on Wilshire Blvd – space and set apart amongst tall buildings, sound of street diminished, reminded me of a canyon
My bedroom. It has soft lighting and a big comfy chair as well as a high table so I’m not bent over when I’m studying. Phinney Neighborhood Center. It feels old and I can imagine the history connected with it. I like to think about people who’ve been there before me.
A large room, for example, the music room at Garfield, with a high ceiling and lots of open space, a room such as this would let me expand my mind into the open areas and really think on whatever I might need to think about. An old Greek or Roman facade makes me want to go in and see what it is like inside.
Kansas, design studios @ undergraduate architecture – huge open space – 60 students. Spent 10-12 hrs a day there – collaborative environment – people created their own unique spaces in their 5 x 10 space – groups formed clusters – most of the time you worked on your own project but you were never truly alone (friendly feeling, warmth, daylight, small groups, attraction, comfortable, draws in – nourishes spirit when in) Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia (the way it opened to forests – from the outside, you could tell there were grand spaces inside – sense of history, older building, inviting, art work, draw attention, curiosity, grand spaces, all glass)
Warm bright colors, soft comfortable seating areas, lots of natural light Broken up space, curves and straight lines, not a box shape, lots of windows
Low lighting with walls that are not institutional (white and/or gray), windows: open space, like the African-American Academy Library’s Dogen Bldg. Design – esp. art works on bldg.
Suzzallo Library at UW, high ceilings, arches, stained glass windows, musty smell tended to inspire thought Arches at the Seattle Science Center plus the pools. It drew my curiosity to explore what was behind the doors.
West Woodland classroom, good facilities, chalkboard, whiteboards etc., big classrooms that don’t feel cluttered, the marine science room at Garfield (spacious, comfortable, tables in semicircle) Older buildings (Garfield, Roman architecture)
The WWU cube “Skyview” in Red Square (It was enclosed yet open to the world, it framed what was important without overpowering you) On top of Mt. Dumbas in Thule, Greenland, overlooking the endless ice flows leading to the North Pole.
Lodge at Sleeping Lady (Woodpecker) is warm, comfortable, trusting, casual, room to move, windows, conference room Crystal Cathedral, CA, made of all glass w/ extremely tall prayer tower
Seattle Art Museum (The design of the museum that displays art in an eye-catching manner – the space that lends itself to receptions, jazz concerts and other social activities) Music Museum
Library of Congress, Jefferson Reading Room (Grand, well-lighted space that communicates the purpose of the area being to study, research, learn and explore). The space is uplifting while also being organized to serve its primary purpose well. Explore Music Project (EMP) Building. What in the world could be going on in such a visually creative building? The shape, color and texture of the building challenges you to come in and explore the interior. A provocative building, you either love it or hate it!

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