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Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C.
I love all the steps and the way people congregate on them.
City Hall, Gouda, The Netherlands
I love the flags and the cheerfully painted wooden shutters.
Physics Building, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
I love the cool sundial on the South face of the building!
The Sorrento Hotel, Seattle, WA
I love the gorgeous brick work, with the different colored bricks, and the terra cotta details.
Takashimaya Department Store, New York City
I love the Japanese "temple" look of this building (constructed circa 1958).
Bethesda Terrace, New York City
I love the brick paving with contrasting accents, the stairs, and the fountain.
Branch Post Office light fixture, New York City
Rockefeller Center, New York City
I love the gilt and painted engravings over the main doorways.
Chrysler Building, New York City
Curved facade townhouse, New York City

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