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02/07/2008 Sharon Davidoff Tour of Construction Site for GHS PTSA [50 photos]
08/23/2007 Sharon Davidoff Tour of Construction Site for GHS PTSA [14 photos]
02/13/2007 Ben Slivka GSDT Meeting: Colors and Materials [12 photos]
06/10/2006 Ben Slivka Garfield Bash Before the Smash! [265 photos]
06/06/2006 Ben Slivka Groundbreaking Ceremony! [44 photos]
05/24/2005 Don Gillmore Value Engeering List [PDF, 241Kb]
11/23/2004 Jim Elder UPDATED Floor Plans (as of 11/18/2004) [5 images]
06/14/2004 Mike Reynolds Schematic Design Complete [17 images]
05/25/2004 Ronald J. English Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement [PDF, 4.2Mb]
04/28/2004 Kathryn Emtman SSD and Lease Crutcher Lewis Construction GCCM agreement [Word, 61Kb]
04/15/2004 Mike Reynolds Near-Final DRAFT Floor Plans (as of 04/15/2004)
03/31/2004 Don Gillmore Design Update Fact Sheet [Word, 105Kb]
02/12/2004 Ben Slivka Scale model of site, remodel, new building [25 photos]
02/11/2004 Mike Reynolds List of Consultants [Word, 27Kb]
01/28/2004 Tom Bates Presentation to Seattle School Board on Conceptual Design [ppt 9.4Mb]
12/15/2003 Mike Reynolds DRAFT Floor Plans (as of 11/20/2003)
12/15/2003 Mike Reynolds Program Area Work Sheet
11/13/2003 Mike Reynolds Possible Site Plans presented at 11/13/2003 Community Meeting
09/15/2003 Mike Reynolds GHS Conceptual Floor Plan
08/22/2003 Sue Robertson Trends in High School Design [ppt 7.1Mb]
08/22/2003 Ben Slivka Susan Derse portrait head shots
06/05/2003 David Engle Three articles on school design
05/20/2003 Ben Slivka 1922 Building North Facade, Letter Jacket, Football Helmet [9 photos]
05/13/2003 Ben Slivka School Visits Field Trip [306 photos]
05/13/2003 Robert Stephens, Jr. Comments on the Central Area Action Plan II [doc 42Kb]
05/02/2003 Karin Engstrom Where learning takes place [13 photos]
04/25/2003 Lou Ernst Added link to City of Seattle -- Central Area Neighborhood Plan
03/31/2003 Janet Woodward Photos of school library interiors [9 photos]
03/30/2003 Ben Slivka Photos of building interiors, exteriors, and furniture [43 photos]
03/27/2003 Ralph Rohwer 03/27/03 GSDT meeting minutes [pdf 91Kb]
03/27/2003 BLRB BLRB Architects Presentation [ppt 10.5Mb]
03/27/2003 David Engle 03/27/2003 Inside/Outside Activity responses
03/27/2003 David Engle Meeting Agenda and Introduction [ppt 328Kb]
03/13/2003 Ralph Rohwer 03/13/03 GSDT meeting minutes [pdf 74Kb]
03/22/2003 David Engle Current Reality Assessment (scores, comments, charts)
03/18/2003 David Engle Book recommendations
03/14/2003 Ben Slivka Created this web site!

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