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08/22/2008: Video tour of exterior of the construction site.

Buy a Brick -- Build the Garfield HS Foundation Endowment!
The 430 Bulldog Bricks ordered by the original 7/1/2008 deadline are being engraved and will be installed (just north of the main entrance) in time for Celebrate Garfield.

New October 1, 2008 Deadline: Due to popular demand, GHSF is accepting orders for additional Bulldog Bricks through the end of September. This second batch of bricks will be engraved and installed before the end of 2008.

Please visit and order your brick now!

The net proceeds from the sale of Bulldog Bricks are placed in the GHS Foundation endowment fund to provide lasting support for Garfield High School.
Return of the Bulldogs -- September 26-28, 2008!
The community will hold a three-day celebration in honor of the "new" Garfield September 26-28, 2008 and many thousands of people are expected to participate in the festivities.

Please visit to learn more!

One way to help support the new building is to donate directly to the Technology Wish List.
Recent Changes
02/07/2008 Sharon Davidoff Tour of Construction Site for GHS PTSA [50 photos]
08/23/2007 Sharon Davidoff Tour of Construction Site for GHS PTSA [14 photos]
02/13/2007 Ben Slivka GSDT Meeting: Colors and Materials [12 photos]
06/10/2006 Ben Slivka Garfield Bash Before the Smash! [265 photos]
06/06/2006 Ben Slivka Groundbreaking Ceremony! [44 photos]
Construction Photos
Click to download 10.9mp, 3.4Mb original Canon 1DS image!
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Model and 3D Renderings
Click to see larger renderings and completed Schematic Design Click to see more photos of the scale model
Click to see Student Commons during the day and completed Schematic Design Click to see Student Commons in the evening and completed Schematic Design

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